Hiking with Herbs

With temperatures reaching near 100 these days in DC; it's clear we're in the midst of Summer. Our family likes to spend as much time as possible walking the many beautiful trails around the D.C., Maryland and Virginia area. Being outside in a natural environment is a peaceful adventure for us. We prepare for the journey with these Summer Essentials:

1. Yarrow Tincture (Achillea millefolium) is known to be an excellent bug repellant, as effective, if not more so, than DEET. The key is to apply often. Yarrow is also a helpful anti-infective and hemostatic.

2. Plantain Tincture (Plantago) The fastest way to enjoy the wound healing benefits of Plantago is to chew up a few leaves and apply. When traveling we take this convenient Tincture to spray on any cuts and scrapes we might acquire along the way. An added bonus is a soothing effect for the lungs.

3. St Joan’s Wort Oil (Hypericum) Also known as St John’s Wort, this bright yellow beauty is a well known antidepressant. We use the infused oil for joint and muscle pain relief and to prevent sunburn.

All of these and more are included in our Herbal First Aid Kit!


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