Picture of Lucretia at Marvin Gaye Park with her wares and art from Khalid Thompson Art


Lucretia Jones is a mixed media Artisan, Wise Woman Herbalist, Doula, cupid’s sweetheart, and mama to the Moon. She was born near the Atlantic Ocean in Portsmouth and raised in the swampy tree-filled suburbs just south of Richmond, VA. It is her pleasure to share what she’s been learning about plant medicine since 2001, joyfully connecting people with the plants living right outside their doors. The Wise Woman Tradition encourages each of us (women and men) to see the ally in every ailment and challenge and to trust in our own body’s innate wisdom and wholeness. In addition to simple ritual, this tradition calls on whole foods and common plants (often called weeds) rather than their synthetic counterparts. She is the creator and artisan of plant-based body care, incense, and herbal medicine line House of Lukaya.

Lucretia received her BFA in Sculpture from Virginia Commonwealth University. Not long after graduation, she moved to New York City where her penchant for using natural and recycled materials began to merge with her increasing interests in the plant world. Her growing awareness of the connection between what she put in her body and on her skin led her to begin creating body care products for herself in 2001. These first experiments have evolved into the House of Lukaya product line.

Lucretia was working as a classroom assistant and court report writer for a juvenile offender program when the World Trade Center towers were demolished. These events converged with the passing of her father three days prior; and upon her return to the city she began seeking more autonomy with regards to her own health. During these explorations, and after an auspicious discussion in an herb shop located blocks from the fallen towers, she purchased a book by Susun Weed. Her reasonings on the different traditions of medicine rang true for Lucretia on a soul level.

In 2003, Lucretia completed a live-in apprenticeship with Susun and her goats, rabbits, cats, and geese in upstate New York. She continued to attend moonlodges and workshops while living nearby in the city, and continued her studies via co-respond-dance after moving out of New York.

In addition to her work with Susun, Lucretia was blessed to attend workshops with Jeannine Parvati Baker and Rosita Arvigo during her six-year stay in New York. She provided on the spot consultations for three years while working in a natural foods store back in Richmond, and began working towards Doula certification with ToLabor in 2011.

As life would have it, she attended her first homebirth in 2013, that of her own son! Now based in the DC, MD, VA area, with over 10,000 medicinal plants and a world of cultural knowledge to explore, she looks forward to a lifetime of meeting the plants on their terms and sharing the Wise Woman tradition with her community.

Find her on the web at houseoflukaya.com, Facebook and on IG @houseoflukaya.