Picture of Lucretia at Marvin Gaye Park with her wares and paintings from Khalid Thompson Art

 Lucretia Jones is a wise woman herbalist, artisan, mother, companion, community garden member, and owner of House of Lukaya, an online source for herbal remedies and handicrafts. Her House of Lukaya specialties are incense twists, moontime undies, body buttah, candles, and custom herbal bath blends. In 2015, Lucretia established the DC chapter of Herbalists Without Borders, and recently published the House of Lukaya Guide to Nourishing Herbal Infusions. As a community herbalist, Lucretia offers guidance using the Seven Medicines model, as well as field walks, tincture tastings, and home remedy workshops. 

She welcomes your communications by phone, 804-482-0585, by email, lucretia@houseoflukaya.com, on Facebook and on IG @houseoflukaya.