Herbal First Aid Kit


This set of plant based medicines includes the following:

1- 1/3oz jar of Buttah all purpose salve (For cuts, itchy skin)

1- 1/3oz jar of Amber Resin (For anxiety relief)

1- 1oz spray bottle of Plantain tincture (For cuts, stings, disinfectant)

1- 1/2oz glass bottle of Osha Root tincture (For anaphylactic shock, bites & stings)

1- 2oz spray bottle of Yarrow tincture (For bug repellant, stop bleeding)

1- Travel Bag (7x5x3 With thermometer and syringe)

* Add these 1 oz TINCTURES and OILS to your kit (Use the Dropdown Menu to select:

- Echinacea (antibiotic, immune boost)

- Elderberry tincture (antiviral)

- Lavender (Calming, sleep and digestive aid)

- Lemon Balm (calming)

- Motherwort (Anxiety and cramp relief)

- St. Joan's/John's Wort Oil (To prevent sunburn)

 Please consult your intuition, trusted resources, and health care provider on the proper use of these herbal medicines.


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