Buttah: all-purpose salve


Whole Plants Have Healing Power!

It all starts with fresh plants infused in olive oil for six weeks.

Combined with shea butter and coconut oil to moisturize and

protect hair and body. An excellent treatment for sore muscles

dry scalp, new tattoos, baby butts, skin irritations and mild scrapes... 


Available in 2oz and 4oz glass jars. Samples are free! (Shipping costs apply)

Please note; when ordering sizes larger than 4oz, jars will be BPA free plastic.

 Order 50 1/3oz jars for your next giveaway and events! Custom labels available.

Click here for more Custom Blends. (This option includes the addition of any ingredient not listed below.)


Contains: olive oil infused with fresh plants (plantain, lemon balm

red clover, dandelion), coconut oil, shea butter, non GMO Vitamin E oil, peace.

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