New Moon Equinox

Up here in the Northern Hemisphere, Summer's abundance wanes as the wheel of the year turns to darkness. We welcome the New Moon and Autumnal Equinox with gratitude. We send love and strength to everyone negatively affected by recent weather patterns. We give thanks to old and new friends (plant and human), festival organizers and festival goers for filling the passing season with warmth and growth.
Since April, we've gone from metaphysical events with thousands to intimate live painting performances to Black Magic Woman Conjure Series to SOULAR SUNDAYS in the park and everything in between. Each event had a unique flavor that has added to our crucible of change. Thank you thank you thank you! We look forward to seeing you all again!
Rhizome DC
Nature is our greatest teacher and we celebrate as the nights get cooler and days get shorter. The appearance of this month’s New Moon along with the Equinox feels like an appropriate time to announce the new additions to the shop.

I know firsthand how important positive messaging about a girl’s entrance into puberty can be. My parents treated me to dinner with flowers, and I've never forgotten how special it made that intense time feel. I'm pleased to offer the New Moon Starter Kit as our contribution to this rite of passage. This gift box is crafted to support young women on their Moontime journey in a sustainable and holistic way.

The kit includes 2 pairs of Moontime Undies, Standard and Extended pad), a Lunar Calendar, a 2-sided Zipper Pouch, one ounce each of 7 Herbs and a Quart-sized jar for Infusions. Find more details here.

Keeping with the spirit of sustainability, our latest candles are sure to add glow and magik to your home and altar space as we enter what I like to call, Firepit Season. There's the Brass Goblet, Federal Glass Teacup, and Shot Glass.
After the included candle burns, repurpose the vessel with water, crystals, incense, jewelry, and of course, another candle. Check back often to see what’s new!

We're off on a Hawthorn (Cratageus oxyacantha) harvesting adventure! More on that soon. In the meantime enjoy these Tinctures and Oils that are ready to ship!

               See you in October!

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