Warm Hug in a Cup

I love any excuse to add honey and cream to a warm beverage. That i can do this and benefit my lungs at the same time is perfection. 

1oz dried Mullein leaves 

quart boiled water

Quart sized mason jar

Pinches of clove, cardamom pods, cinnamon sticks

Heavy whipping cream (or milk)


Add mullein to the jar. Cover with the boiled water. Cover tightly and steep at least four hours. Strain and set aside. You might want to use cheesecloth to catch the small fibers. Slowly warm 1 cup of cream (1 quart of milk) with spices. When the room begins to smell like a warm hug, turn off the heat and add honey to taste. Mix one part mullein infusion with 1/4 cup cream or 1 cup of milk.`Long exhale and enjoy!


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