Dark is Good

Taking a long inhale of chilly air, I imagine myself so small that i can slip deep down into the earth, between particles tinier than sand. Exhaling, slowly counting to ten, I return knowing that each particle contains pieces of those who lived here before. And in this, we are truly walking upon their shoulders. How can my steps be more gracious? 

Music and nature provide such simple guiding metaphors for life. While often spoken of as ‘the return of the sun’, i think and feel this time more as a deepening of winter. A time perfect for going inward again, once more, before the days unfurl into the promise of laughing flowers in spring. There can be a tendency to rush through the darkness, given its challenging connotations. However, the harmony created by the highs and lows and middle notes of life, combined with a greater sense of purpose and gratitude, makes beautiful music.

Words, turn into, matter. How do you normally speak about the dark? New life in the womb, seeds, all be-ing; these things require the dark, strive towards the light, remain rooted in and eventually return to the dark. We can celebrate the light without condemning the dark as though it is not also necessary. We can choose to see the troublesome times of life not as punishment, not as a lesson, but as a fullness of experience. 



  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Eloquently whispers the needed embrace of darkness. Enjoyed reading this. Thank you☺️


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