New Moon Starter Kit
New Moon Starter Kit
New Moon Starter Kit
New Moon Starter Kit
New Moon Starter Kit
New Moon Starter Kit
New Moon Starter Kit

New Moon Starter Kit

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A holistic introduction for the potent time of a young woman’s first moon.

The kit includes 2 pairs of Moontime Undies, (Standard and Extended pad), a Lunar Calendar, a 2-sided Zipper Pouch, one ounce each of 7 Herbs and a Quart-sized jar for Infusions.

A Welcome Letter with Instructions for Moontime Undies and Infusions is also included.

Items will be shipped in a gift box. 

Choose Bikinis or Briefs. Please use the Size Chart below:

5 - 36-37” Hips
6 - 38-39” Hips
7 - 40-41” Hips
8 - 42-43” Hips
9 - 44-45” Hips

Additional sizes are available.

1. Moontime Undies
1 pair with the Standard Pad (10-13in)
1 pair with the Extended Pad (14-18in; Great for sleeping!)

Wash and dry before wearing. Order additional Moontime Undies here.

2. Zipper Pouch (9x5in)

This two-sided, PUL-lined bag is washable and waterproof for carrying Moontime Undies when away from home. Each side holds at least 2 pairs. Put the used ones on one side and unused pairs on the other side. Outer fabric will vary. 

3. Infusion Jar
Nourishing Herbal Infusions offer copious amounts of vitamins and minerals in a highly absorbable form. Infusions are simple and affordable to prepare and offer additional benefit as part of a daily self care ritual.

For example, a cup of Nettle tea contains approximately 3 mg of calcium; a cup of Nettle Infusion contains around 300 mg of calcium.

Use this quart jar to make infusions with each of the included herbs. One at a time so you can get to know each one.

4. Nourishing Herbs
I chose 7 of my favorite plants for Infusion. Nettle, Oatstraw, Raspberry, Red Clover, Mullein, Linden, and Comfrey. There are many others to discover. These are all safe to make and consume daily. Drink them plain and experiment with your own recipes.

Order additional herbs here

5. Lunar Calendar
Enjoy these calendars each year and watch the patterns unfold.