Moontime Undies 4 pack
Moontime Undies 4 pack
Moontime Undies 4 pack
Moontime Undies 4 pack

Moontime Undies 4 pack

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Ideally, our flow is meant to do just that, flow. Tampons impede this process.

Disposable pads are usually uncomfortable and leave a mark on our environment.

Enter, Moontime Undies!

Experience the comfort of fresh from the package underwear.

Combined with two layers of soft performance fleece. 

More than sufficient for a light to moderate flow. 

Especially for those days when your moon 'might' start or is just ending.

Pads are between 9-13 inches, depending on Undies Size.

For an average flow, expect to go through about 3-4 pairs a day. 

SIZES: Sizes and colors vary by brand. Please use photos for assistance. Measure a pair of your own undies to be sure. Due to sanitary precautions, I cannot accept returns on this item. I generally choose dark solid colors like black, brown, red, blue, fuschia, etc. If you have other questions or preferences about sizes or colors, please ask before purchase

$45 - 2-layers of Fleece
$55 - Organic Fleece Pads (un-dyed)
$55 - 2-layers of Fleece + ZORB/PUL
$65 - Organic Fleece + ZORB/PUL


I choose print or solid for the Undies and pads. You choose your pad type; 2-layers of fleece, organic fleece, or an additional layer of ZORB/PUL. 

Click Here to buy individual Undies.

Choose between Bikinis, Briefs, and Shorties.

Please use the Size Chart below and leave a note at checkout:

5 - 36-37” Hips
6 - 38-39” Hips
7 - 40-41” Hips
8 - 42-43” Hips
9 - 44-45” Hips

10 - 46-47” Hips

Additional sizes are available. Email prior to purchase.

To Avoid Stains: Pre-Soak Undies in cold water.

Squeeze out, wash in cold water.

Hang to dry or tumble dry on low.

(Charlie's Laundry Soap is great for soaking!)

I use GREEN PUL, produced without solvents. Place Undies in the dryer before use to seal the seams.

ZORB should also be washed and dried on hot for best results.


From our customers:

"Thank you thank you thank you!!!! They fit PERFECT!!! My daughter says they are super comfy!!! And I'm sure I will need at least 4 more pairs!!! They are a brilliant idea!!! I will be sharing !!! (Your site, not the undies!!)"