What is a Doula?

Doulas support mama & family

before, during & just after birth.

offering truthful & thoughtful 

education, options and love.

As a Birth Doula, I will meet with you and your partner during a prenatal visit to get acquainted and discuss your birth plans and any concerns. I can provide evidence-based information at your request (on subjects like epidurals, medical interventions, natural pain management, etc). During your labor, I will provide support to both you and your partner in creating the best experience possible. I will then visit with you in the home once or twice for post partum assistance. 

As a Postpartum Doula, I will visit with you and your family in the home to provide care for the new mother and assist the family with doing the same. I will help with breastfeeding support, light house cleaning, meals, laundry, and other tasks to allow for bonding with your new addition, or additions!