"As a physician, I wash my hands frequently throughout the day. Until I started using Buttah, my hands and cuticles were so dry. Now, my hands stay soft and moist even after washing them all day long. It is like magic in a jar!"

- Dr. K. P., Naturopathic Physician & Midwife, DC

"I have been a House of Lukaya customer for 3 years and I am literally addicted to her body care products! The ingredients are basic & pure and your body will tell you how much it enjoys these products."

- D. C., Naturopathic Student, OR

"Lucretia's secret sauce really cured my fungus!! Thanks house of lukaya, you are the best!!!!"

- E. P., Musician, VA

"I love the incense twists, the buttah, and the hair tonic. It is so unusual to find a high quality body care product that pays such careful attention to every ingredient. House of Lukaya brings hand crafted and locally harvested medicinal plants together with love and style! A treasure of a local business."

- K. A., Acupuncturist, VA

"House of Lukaya's Brown Sugar Body Rub and Body Buttah are by far the best natural scrub and skin moisturizer I have ever used! The brown sugar scrub leaves your skin feeling fresh, yet moisturized, and the subtle aroma of coffee infused in the scrub make using it a truly delightful experience!!! The Body Buttah doesn't over moisturize and it absorbs very nicely! I use it religiously!!!"
-K. T., Visual Artist, DC

"I have to visit my barber every two weeks now! My hair has gotten thicker and grows like wildfire. I have to think it's the shampoo and hair tonic. My hairdresser is so impressed and loves what it's doing for my hair."

-B. L., Retired Nurse, SC

"Thank you thank you thank you!!!! They fit PERFECT!!! My daughter says they are super comfy!!! And I'm sure I will need at least 4 more pairs!!! They are a brilliant idea!!! I will be sharing !!! (Your site, not the undies!!)"

-J.H., Jewelry Artist, VA