The Crystal Ship Has Arrived!



I’ve brought rocks, minerals, and gemstones into my home since childhood. Many of the stones in my personal collection have been with me for over 20 years. While I do enjoy learning about them both geologically and intuitively; I admit to a preference for the latter. A potent Energy Medicine, crystals have plenty to say to anyone who listens. Every stone may not be for everyone, and still, like people, we are all related.

Remnants of ancient plants, animals, heat and pressure, these mineral relatives hold time within their unique formations. I want to hear from them all, from humble river pebbles to shining polished gems; they are all precious to me.

All this to say…I am SO EXCITED to announce the addition of Crystals on the House of Lukaya website!!! 

The Black Kyanite currently available is sourced from our friend Eliud, a Brazilian crystal mine owner and dealer for over 50 years. We met at my shop in Richmond, Va ten years ago. Eliud is a well respected pioneer in the gem and mineral collectors and metaphysical communities. He has been a reliable vendor at the Tucson gem and Mineral show for 50 years and is acknowledged in Melody’s “Love is in the Earth” books.  Melody purchases many of crystals from him.

It's important to me that each Mineral relative I offer has been touched by loving hands once removed from within the earth. Check back soon to see what else we've added, and let me know if I can help you find something in particular. I am grateful to encounter these teachers and look forward to sharing them with you!

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